Our Care

Whether you are recently bereaved or planning ahead, our team at Mason & Stokes are here to help you make necessary arrangements and offer you support and guidance.

What to do when you have suffered a bereavement

  1. The death will need to be certified by a Doctor.
  2. Contact Mason & Stokes 01242 224877, our phone is always answered by one of our team, day or night. We will then arrange to take the deceased to our chapel of rest at Tudor Lodge, 54 Hewlett Road, Cheltenham.
  3. Collect the Death Certificate from the Doctors Surgery or The Bereavement Office at the Hospital.
  4. Make an appointment with the registrar, for all appointments in the Gloucestershire area telephone 01452 425060 or visit www.gloucestershire.gov.uk/death
  5. Contact Mason & Stokes and we will arrange an appointment to meet with you to make the funeral arrangements.

The only part of the funeral arrangements we can’t do for you is register the death, all the rest we can do for, or with you.

If the coroner is involved, or, the death occurred abroad or you would like more detailed information, please contact us or visit: www.gov.uk/when-someone-dies

Coffin Brochure

View our coffin brochure showing a selection of the coffins available. Please contact us for more information.

Mason & Stokes Coffin Brochure